Feelsofts: Making IT Affordable to Rural India

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Founder & CEO of Feelsofts, Abhishek Dhawan
With the expertise of developing and launching successful products in an entrepreneurial environment, Founder & CEO of Feelsofts, Abhishek Dhawan has devoted his entire career to offering high quality services and anticipated results to his business partners. Startup Simba is proud to share this young entrepreneur’s story. 

Tell us about Feelsofts and what makes it so unique?

Feelsofts is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company that offers a wide range of software development skills, spanning many industries well beyond the general IT development. It has a significant expertise in various areas, from Web Development to software architectures and teaching. The unique thing about Feelsofts is we provide full range of custom tailoring of services and products.

What kind of services Feelsofts provide?

We focus mainly on three areas – Web, Software and Education. Ranging from SMS application to industrial ERP, we work in all domains.

Tell us about the team/founders behind Feelsofts? What is their background and expertise?

With the expertise of developing and launching successful products in an Entrepreneurial environment, Abhishek Dhawan has devoted his entire career to offering high quality services and anticipated results to his business partners. Being very responsible towards executing his tasks, he continues to boost and exhibit his soft skills.

He has a bachelor degree in computers from Pune University. Due to his concern and decency, he has been able to understand the need to develop the rural masses by means of software and web applications. This idea led to the beginning of Feelsofts, which aims to focus on mainly three areas: Web, Software and Education. Feelsofts helps software developers create innovative solutions using new technology. It accomplishes the goals by combining hands-on development, training and transferring knowledge and skills to the teams.

In which year Feelsofts was launched? What is the current team size? What is the current revenue size? Where are your offices located?  Who are your target audience/clients?

  • Founded in 2012/13
  • Team Size Currently 15 People
  • Headoffice: Baramati, Pune
  • Target audience/clients: Industrial Sector, Hospitality, Medical, Education, Real Estate 

How has been the journey so far? Did you face any competition?

Starting the business in the rural area and expand it what it is now was itself a major challenge as people were not a techno geek. many of them were unaware of what a software is and how could it change their business. 

What is your plan or strategy to sustain in the long run?

We understood the requirement and hurdles of business like the need of regional languages in software, Easy GUI for use, etc. we developed the products considering all the above factors. Also, we developed the products on standard guideline so it could be Globally Accepted. 

What are your marketing strategies to promote your company? What kind of branding activities you are doing?

We are Doing CSR activities like free internship Training to add the sense of technology and company amongst youth. 

Are you using any niche technology to solve technical problems, increase overall efficiency, customer engagement, boost sales etc.?

Agile Planning and Risk analysis model what I or basically company uses makes us More Productive. 

What are your immediate plans to expand and grow? Are you looking for partners, investors to promote your startup?

We are currently trying to get more offshore clients than what we have currently right now and expanding Globally 

Did you receive any kinds of awards or recognition so far? What has been your greatest achievement?

Was youth Icon For Sakal Youth Icon
3+ Entrepreneur Awards, Many Interviews published

Where do you want to see Feelsofts 2 years from now?

As a Global Prospective 

What do you have to say about Startup Simba, being the first of its kind video blogging platform for startups?

It’s great that you provide the people with a great platform where they can read the stories of entrepreneurs and get motivated. 

Startup Information Sheet 

Startup Name



Name of Founders/Designations

 Abhishek Dhawan, CEO


Type of Business

Software Industry


Year of Launch





Current Team Size


Current Revenue Size



Office Location

 Baramati, Pune

Unique Product/Service (If any)



Niche Technology in Use (If any)

 Microsoft Technology


Target Audience



Partner/Business Collaboration (If any)

 Hemant Kumbhar


Seed Funding (If any)






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